Embracing you with its refreshing aroma of Statement tea, the Café welcomes you with an ambience of light, gleam and youth! Your olfactory senses are captivated by the fresh bakes of the day.

Tea kudikalaamaa?
42, 108, Kamaraj Ave 2nd St,
Bakthavatchalam Nagar,
Venkata Rathnam Nagar Extension,
Baktavatsalm Nagar, Adyar,
Chennai - 20

Phone: 044 4867 5787

Email: admin@statementcafe.com

  • A cuppa to bring out
    the better you!

Welcome to Statement Cafe

The world of flavour

Baking Workshop
Bringing recipes to the platter

It is an unmatched feel to eat what you bake, as you will be engulfed in a sense of self-love and appreciation for the culinary skill. Baking is the perfect choice for those who vouch to rediscover their hobbies -- imagine experimenting with the ingredients, in accordance with the taste buds of your loved ones. Let’s not forget baking is an easy way to get into the loved one’s hearts.

Having understood the magic of baking, Statement Cafe conducts baking workshops in educational institutions and corporate companies. All we need is a like-minded group that is willing to try hands-on knife skills, grilling and baking. The workshops conducted during weekends are certified programmes. We are open to conducting the workshops at the companies, besides our own cafe.

Our experienced chefs provide personalised training to the participants on baking muffins, cookies, eggless cakes and the like. It was a scene of joy to witness parents and children assisting each other in making a variety of baked products, during the baking workshop held at Statement Cafe. The four-hour workshop was yet another proof that baking strengthens bonds between parents and children.

We cater more than just food, as it is a bowl of love and happiness. We take in customised orders that suit your taste buds and budget. We take orders of official tea parties, corporate meets, birthday parties and more. Be it a snack or a full meal, the chefs at Statement cafe exhibit their culinary skills to prepare a dish without preservatives and added colours. Besides offices, we also take in bulk orders for marriages and other occasions. We promise that our food adds delight to your important memories.

Having acknowledged the growing tribe of diet conscious people, we have a list of low fat and low carbohydrate items on the menu. From Sambar rice to the white sause pasta and the Meditteranean falafel sandwich, our long, fascinating menu is capable of brightening up your lunch hour.

Our profound experience in the catering industry symbolises the trust and loyalty we earned from the customers.

For workaholics, extroverts and bibliophiles

Tedious jobs become cool when done in a different environment. The cosy interiors of Statement Cafe, with comfortable seats and pleasant lights can uplift your energy and bring you to a focus. When work from home gets distracted and boring, step into Statement Cafe. The location of the cafe in the residential and commercial hotspot of the city at Adyar is a plus -- techies from the IT companies can snatch a quick break.

While our beverages accentuate your energy levels, the airy interiors put you in the best working environment. The air-conditioned cafe, with exciting food choices, pleases the solitude seekers. And when you aim to take a break, you can try our indoor games. Do you wish to while away a hot afternoon reading? We have a collection of contemporary novels and magazines to choose from. Unleash the Bibliophile in you, with a cup of hot tea and a book on the desk.

Embracing you with its refreshing aroma of Statement tea, the Café welcomes you with an ambience of light, gleam and youth! Your olfactory senses are captivated by the fresh bakes of the day.

A family tea café, dotting the Chennai tea loving landscape, has been opened in the land of coffee lovers, at Kamaraj Avenue, Adyar. It welcomes elders, youngsters, party mongers, romancing couples, corporate executives or just a few tired souls who drop in for rejuvenation. The brightness of the Café does wonders to you with its yellow light, dark walls and light coloured chairs with a slight twist in their backrests. An offshoot of S Statement Tea, a signature tea brand from Habeeb Sons, is a must visit if you want to rejoice, nurse your dullness or would like to relax with your friends. A cuppa can do wonders you know! And in all situations, the finest brew in the world of Statement Tea, is essential, to make this world a better place.

We have an array of indoor games to keep your fingers busy, while you wait for your date.

Another very important feature of Statement Café is that it holds Bakery Workshops at the Café or onsite like schools, colleges, offices or informal get-togethers to spread the art of baking.

You have to agree that as Statement Tea has brought together generations in a household for years; Statement Café is an idea to reach out to one and all, naturally borrowed from tea. We have all types of tea like masala chai, green tea, milk tea, cardamom tea, ginger tea, you name it we have it! Friendly staff, impeccable quality and lovely atmosphere make us ‘The Top Tea Choice’ of Chennai!

Tea kudikalaamaa?